Friday, 31 October 2008

Review: Fable2

I bought Fable 2 last Friday. I have been looking forward to it for a while now and I was especially excited about the online multi player features that had been added. 

What I have seen so far has been rather fun even though it is a little bit slow paced. My only other complaints about the game are that the camera angle in multi player is sometimes restrictive as both players see through the same camera at all times. This is understandable for Fable 2 also supports local multi player in which this camera avoids a horrible split screen setup however it makes aiming ranged weapons very hard and means the two players have to remain very close to each other. Having to remain so close to your ally means that often you are unable to reach a foe with your melee weapons as your ally is to far away from you. This forces you to change your combat strategy to stick very close to each other. My only other complaint is that there are a huge number of bugs, some minor such as small graphical glitches and some quite severe like the wheel of misfortune becoming unusable as it becomes imposable to select some NPCs becoming completely unresponsive and standing in one spot for the remainder of the game. Unfortunately this happened to my character's son making later parts of the game quite hard as I am unable to interact with him making it imposable to improve my relationship with him!

However problems aside Fable 2 is a huge game and is worth playing whatever genre you normally enjoy as it contains a little bit of several genres including shooter and action and even tycoon style management wrapped up into a solid RPG. There is an epic storyline, a large number of optional side quests and a number of activities such as jobs, interacting with your family (if you choose to have one) and other NPCs and my personal favourite, buying any property you see! There are also a large number of choices you can make throughout the game which affect your character's disposition, corruption and even appearance and unlike many other games in this genre I genuinely felt guilty when I chose not to feed a prisoner who was begging me so that I would not be punished by the guards! I would say there is between 5 and 25 hours of play in Fable 2 depending whether you rush through ignoring all but the vital quests or fastidiously do every job, side quest and find every hidden treasure. You may even want to complete the game again as it plays through quite differently depending on whether you are god or evil. The multi player is a  good and somewhat fun concept but it was clearly rushed as the features and implementation are severely limited so it should not be a big factor in choosing to buy the game or not. Fable 2 has quite beautiful, if stylised graphics. The sound is well done although the default settings make voices much to quiet. The game play is fun and varied and one of the best parts of Fable 2 as there is just so much to do although it becomes slightly boring occasionally but this is mainly due to my own style of playing games slowly but thoroughly. The concept isn't particularly innovative as it is similar to Fable 1 in many ways however there are a number of changes such as your characters dog which is very well done and adds a new dimension to the game!

Fable 2 has a quite wide appeal due to the elements of several genres and I must finally mention that there is a very rare collectors edition (which I managed to acquire) including special items and dungeons not available in any other way. I recommend this edition to Halo fans as you can get special armour similar to Master Chief's suit, an energy sword look alike and best of all the title "Master Chief".


Graphics - 10/10
Sound - 8/10
Gameplay - 7/10
Concept - 4/10
Value - 7/10
Overall - 8/10 

Note, the overall score is not an average of the other scores by my assessment of the game generally.

Thank you for reading. I thoroughly recommend you get Fable 2 ASAP! (especially if you want the collectors edition)

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