Sunday, 12 October 2008

First (and Last) Thoughts on Too Human

I tried the demo of the recently released Too Human. In short it is unplayable due to several huge problems. Firstly the camera is near impossible to control and will move around seemingly randomly during vital moments of battle. The other problem I have is the awkwardness of the controls. Although this is a less severe problem than the camera, these awkward controls really make battle difficult as you are often unable to pull off a vital move in time. For example to simply fire you must hold down the right trigger and move the right analogue stick in the direction of the enemy, however the direction of the enemy is not easy to find as the camera is moving, causing you to swing your aim around in the wrong direction. There is also no way to aim before firing so you cannot judge where to point your gun before wasting precious ammo firing to find out!

There are other more minor problems including a very complicated RPG style interface and an extremely steep learning curve due to the lack of a real tutorial. However the most damning feature is that you simply cannot feel linked to your character as you can in most RPGs. You can barely control your character or even understand what is happening much of the time. I am sure this game has merits but I have been unable to find any through the clunky game play and befuddling camera and controls!

As I have not played the full version of this game I will not give an official rating to this game but I highly recommend you do not buy Too Human!

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